Today is Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Paul Ryan has proposed a new bill to repeal and replace The Affordable Care Act and guess who hates it? Doctors, hospitals, patients, insurance companies, democrats, and republicans.

You can read about how pretty much everyone thinks Ryan’s plan sucks in the Washington Post today, here. One of the worst parts about this bill is that MANY AMERICANS WHO CURRENTLY HAVE HEALTH CARE WILL NO LONGER HAVE HEALTH CARE.

James L. Madara, chief executive of the American Medical Association and a doctor, had this to say about the proposed plan: "We cannot support the AHCA as drafted because of the expected decline in health insurance coverage and potential harm it would cause to vulnerable patient populations."

So … if you wanna take an ACTION STEP today – call your Member of Congress and tell him/her how sucky you think Paul’s plan is. If your rep is a Democrat, tell him/her to keep on keepin’ on! Oppose this insanity! If your rep is a Republican, keep in mind that he/she is likely already on your side! Ryan DOESN’T have enough votes to get this bill passed! So, encourage your Republican rep to OPPOSE Ryan’s bill. Make it clear that Republicans need to come up with a plan that ensures that more Americans will have health care, instead of less.

Say something like: Hey this is so and so from blankity blank. I’m calling to tell Congressperson Whoever that until the Republicans can propose health care reform that improves health care coverage and costs for most Americans, I will not support their proposed bills, and I urge my Congressperson to do the same.

chloe galkin