Today is Wednesday, March 8th and we are CELEBRATING WOMEN.

In honor of the all the women we know and love – today we stand ovary to ovary with PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

By all means WEAR RED today – but ALSO TAKE ACTION.

Call your SENATORS and tell them you love Planned Parenthood as much as they love their jobs as SENATORS.

Sure, mention reproductive freedom and the necessity of a woman’s right to choose, but also bring up a woman’s right to have access to health care – including health care for the parts of her body that make her a WOMAN – like her cervix and her breasts. Women of EVERY income level should be able to access life-saving health care.

Say something like:

Hey, I’m so and so from blankity blank. I’m calling to tell Senator Whoever that today – in honor of Women’s History Month – I stand ovary to ovary with Planned Parenthood. I support funding for Planned Parenthood and access to women’s health care and so should Senator Whoever.

chloe galkin