Pu-Pu-Putin Goodbye ….


Today is Monday, March 27

YOUR CALLS ARE WORKING! Let’s keep the momentum going!

This weekend THOUSANDS of Russians joined in solidarity and protest against Vladimir Putin. Kind of like how THOUSANDS of Americans have joined in solidarity to protest Trump. The difference however is that in America (at least for now) peaceful protestors don’t get thrown in prison. In Russia however … Putin threw hundreds of protestors straight behind bars – INCLUDING his expected opponent in the upcoming election. WHAT?!?

Let’s fill today with calls to Congress demanding stronger economic sanctions against Russia.

Putin has been getting in our way. Let’s get in his.


Say something like …

Hey this is so and so from blankity blank. I’m calling to tell Representative Whoever that I believe Congress should impose stronger economic sanctions against Russia and the corrupt dictatorship of Putin Poopy Pants.

chloe galkin