Counting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions


Today is Friday, March 3rd, 2017

It’s been less than 48 hours since we all got wind of the fact that our newly appointed, notoriously racist Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, LIED under oath during his Senate confirmation hearing. (Little known fact: LYING UNDER OATH TO THE SENATE = PERJURY).

Perjurer Sessions told the Senate he hadn’t met with any Russians during Trump’s campaign. But turns out … he’d met with Putin’s Ambassador to the US at least twice. He says those two meetings … didn’t count.

TWO MEETINGS. TWO. (That we know of). Ha-ha-ha. #Theycount.

Speaking of numbers …

Jeff Sessions is the FOURTH Trump appointee to LIE UNDER OATH TO THE SENATE and still be confirmed.

LIAR 1. STEVE MNUNCHIN (Said that while he was CEO, One West Bank did not robo-sign mortgages).

LIAR 2. TOM PRICE (Denied insider trading while in Congress).

LIAR 3. SCOTT PRUIT (Lied about use of an email account while Oklahoma’s A.G.)

LIAR 4. THE STAR LIAR OF THEM ALL, JEFF SESSIONS. (Said he didn’t meet with Russians – except for the Russians that he met with).

It is up to the Attorney General to investigate things like Attorney Generals lying under oath to the senate. But since Sessions IS the Attorney General, odds of him investigating himself are slim.

So, on the off chance that Sessions doesn’t preemptively resign, our US Senators need to demand that a Special Prosecutor is named at the Justice Department.  We suggest they create a bipartisan, independent Select Committee to investigate not just our “Oh, THOSE two meetings?! Oh yeah, THOSE two meetings don’t count” Attorney General, but also to look into ALL of Putin’s efforts to sway our election and current governmental policies. They did it after 9/11. They need to do it again now.


Call your SENATORS.

Say something like:

Hey, I’m so and so from blankity blank. I’m calling to tell Senator Whoever to insist that a Special Prosecutor be named at the Justice Department to investigate the President’s campaign ties to Russia. She/He must also demand a bipartisan, independent Select Committee to investigate all of Putin’s efforts to influence our election and the US Government.

Make the calls. Stay Loud!

Xo The Good Riot Gals

chloe galkin