February 9th, 2017

Today is Thursday, February 09, 2017:

PERPETUATE YOUR PROTEST today by calling your senators and saying NO WAY to The Republican’s pick for Secretary of Labor, Andy Puzder. Or as we like to call him, Andy Putzder.  

Putzder, who owns a fast-food chain, is currently being sued because he didn’t pay his employees what he owed them. Do the Republicans know that The Secretary of Labor is in charge of making sure employees get paid what they’re owed? That’s like … what the job is. Seems to us like the Senate ought to choose someone who is GOOD AT PAYING PEOPLE.

Know what else Putzder did? He lied about, and then admitted, that 40% of his company’s workers were employees (including his own personal housekeeper) were not approved to work in the US.

For an administration who’s not so keen on undocumented immigrants, seems odd that they’d overlook this FACT, right? But maybe when you factor in the $300,000 donation Putzder gave to the Republicans during the election, it all starts to make more sense?

Ewwww. We know.

So, call your Sentators (Click here to find them!) and tell them Putzder shouldn’t BE the Secretary of Labor, he should be investigated by the Secretary of Labor.



chloe galkinThe Good Riot