Here at The Good Riot, we refuse to allow American politics to cramp our American holidays!

As a THANK YOU to all our loyal GOOD RIOT customers, we've lowered our prices on EVERYTHING! Adult Ts are now $25 and Kid Ts/Onesies are $20!

PLUS we've added 2 NEW HYPER LOCAL designs for our beloved community in Maplewood/South Orange, New Jersey!

Wanna do MORE than PURCHASE T-SHIRTS?! The PEOPLE'S FILIBUSTER to stop tax cuts for billionaires is ON RIGHT NOW and it is WORKING!

The Senate doesn't have the votes to pas the GOP Monstrosity of a Tax Bill. Help pressure the Senate to say NO on this disastrous plan that makes 87 million middle-class families pay for the wealthy and large corporations' massive tax giveaway. Keep pressuring your Senators. Make sure they vote NO! CALL 1-888-516-5820


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